Top Five Reasons to Volunteer in Your Community

Countless organizations serve the food, shelter, health, safety, and mental well-being of every community – including ours. In addition to financial support, many of these organizations depend upon volunteers to provide the bulk of planning and labor that smoothly deliver the services we rely on and perhaps sometimes take for granted. Making it a habitContinue reading “Top Five Reasons to Volunteer in Your Community”

Food Charities Are a Vital Community Health Link

The charitable food pantries and banks in our mountain communities provide food access for vulnerable people. Unfortunately, most individuals and families accessing food pantries and other charitable food programs are food insecure, meaning that there is limited or uncertain availability of healthy foods. According to a research study conducted by the Society for Community ResearchContinue reading “Food Charities Are a Vital Community Health Link”

8 Resources for Managing the Financial Impacts of COVID-19

We know many neighbors are impacted financially by COVID-19. We are gathering resources for relief and wanted to share these updates with you all: Families and individuals can apply for social services benefits through the state of Colorado’s PEAK website. You can also apply for food or cash assistance (but not medical assistance) on a mobileContinue reading “8 Resources for Managing the Financial Impacts of COVID-19”

Canyon Cares Wants You Cozy!

Canyon Cares would like those who may struggle with the cost of heating their homes this winter to know about the federally funded LEAP program! For information and to see if you qualify, visit their website or call HEAT HELP at 1-866-432-8435. The Colorado Department of Human Services states that though LEAP provides assistance withContinue reading “Canyon Cares Wants You Cozy!”