Operation Round-up Adds Up!

When you turn your lights on or open your refrigerator, you might not realize you could be helping a neighbor in need. 

United Power has operated a program called Operation Round-up for more than twenty-five years. Operation Round-up allows United Power customers to automatically share a few pennies each month to help those in our mountain communities in need. 

Operation Round-Up is a member-driven program sponsored by United Power. First, members choose to round up their monthly electric bill to the next whole dollar. Then, by pooling the small contributions of all participating members, United Power contributes those donations to organizations that significantly impact our local community.

Canyon Cares is a current Operation Round-up partner. These funds allow us to provide short-term resources to help care for the necessities and urgent needs of residents in Coal Creek Canyon, Nederland, and unincorporated Gilpin County on the Colorado Front Range. 

In 2021, $122,500 was used for direct assistance to individuals and families in the United Power territory, according to the fund’s annual report. Canyon Cares and other partner organizations use grants from the fund to help those seeking assistance. They typically pay rent, mortgage, and utility bills for those in crisis. 

Providing emergency financial aid, paid directly to the auto shop, insurance company, mortgage company, or landlord, assures that funds go for their intended purpose. In many cases, it can be just the stopgap that someone needs to help them keep the heat on, keep their home, or in some cases, stay employed. 

This focus on giving community members the help they need to get back on their feet and remain a contributing member of the community is what programs like Operation Round-up and the direct assistance it enables are all about. 

If you want to contribute to the Operation Round-up fund and keep those pennies adding up to keep our mountain communities strong, simply visit www.unitedpower.com/Round-Up and signup today. Operation Round-up also accepts one-time donations. 

In addition, if you know an organization that operates in the United Power service area, they may be about to apply for one-time grants from the fund. The Round-Up Board meets quarterly to review grant requests. Organizations interested in applying for Round-Up funds can find more information and the application at www.unitedpower.com/Round-Up.