Partnering with Local Businesses to Provide Financial Assistance for Area Residents

Non-profit organizations like Canyon Cares and local businesses often have a symbiotic relationship. Canyon Cares provides valuable resources and services to the community, while area businesses can offer financial support and other forms of assistance. When we work together, we can significantly impact the lives of area residents. This is particularly true when it comes to providing financial assistance.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of non-profits partnering with local businesses to provide financial assistance. We would love to expand our relationships with businesses in the area. This collaboration benefits both parties and creates a stronger, more connected community.

Recently, Canyon Cares expanded its reach through an ongoing relationship as a United Power round-up recipient. Local service area customers choose to round up their bill each month and donate to the round-up fund. Each quarter United Power chooses area non-profits to receive the program’s proceeds.

Another recent example of a partnership came from a relationship with Indian Peak Ace Hardware in Nederland. In February 2023, Canyon Cares benefited from every customer who chose to round up their payment at the cash register.

Currently, customers of Coal Creek Coffee in Coal Creek Canyon can stop by for a fresh cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll and make a $10 donation to Canyon Cares. Every contributor gets a Coal Creek Canyon license plate cover to help show off their CCC pride.

While business partnerships like those mentioned above help provide needed financial support, they also help spread awareness about the resources organizations such as Canyon Cares can provide and help those in need learn about the various forms of assistance they might be able to seek.

Media partnerships with publications such as The Mountain Messenger and The Mountain-Ear have also raised awareness of Canyon Cares.

From a practical standpoint, non-profit partnerships can be great for business. While the primary motivation is to support the mission of the chosen partner, there are often opportunities to leverage the partnership for additional business.

Non-profits have plenty of reasons to spread the word about their various partnerships to drive more donations by making donors, volunteers, social media followers, and the like aware of any current programs.

Local partnerships spread tremendous goodwill, further incentivizing area residents to shop locally. I know I go out of my way to shop at Indian Peaks Hardware and Coal Creek Coffee.

These relationships are a win for everyone involved. We would love to talk with area businesses about some creative ways we might team up to serve those in need in the community.

Please visit us at or call 720-515-1129 and let’s dream up a mutually beneficial partnership.

Partnerships between non-profit organizations and local businesses can powerfully impact the community. By combining resources and working together, we can create a stronger, more connected community and provide much-needed financial assistance to area residents.